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How does one know MWB is up and running ?

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Good afternoon,

MWB is an essential app, therefore I have the paid version.

It is also important to be sure the app is up and running.

Until a few months ago that was easy. I had the widget installed and could always confirm the app was up and running.

Unfortunately the MWB team decided to remove the widget.

Now the only way to make sure MWB is running is the icon in the status bar, but normally after a day or so that icons disappears and when I click on the MWB app icon it starts in red telling me there are issues.

I have been in contact with the help desk about this and they wrote me that when I see the icon in the status bar the app is up and running. They also told me that when I do not see the icon in the status bar the app is also up and running.

I find this very strange and am wondering how the heck I can confirm MWB is up and running.


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Hello! @m-w-b-user

I dont use Malwarebytes on my Phone myself, but I use some other security software, maybe I can offer you some help.

If you click Settings -> availability -> Advanced Settings -> Do You see Malwarebytes under: Availability button? If you do, continue -> Installed Apps: Do you see Malwarebytes there too?

I'm not 100% sure this help is actually accurate for you. But I wanted to try give you some Assistance, because I personally know how irritating it is to not know something.

Also, please report what Android Version you have so other users with maybe more Knowledge can help you.

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As long as you've not disabled notifications.

We have the widget in the latest version of MB5 for mobile but there is also a notification for Real Time Protection running in the notification drawer

If you don't have too many notifications at any given time you can see the M icon at the top of the notification bar without the need to swipe down to see the notifications




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