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something went wrong with Malwarebytes

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1. After installing Malwarebytes on my Mac, it works fine for about a day, but then it shows an error when I try to launch it. 

- I’ve redownloaded Malwarebytes from the official website, and reinstalled Malwarebytes several times to fix the issue, but the problem always reappears after a day or two. 
- I’ve also tried restarting my Mac multiple times.
2. I've provided a screenshot of the error, and I’ve also created the log files from the app MBST-Mac, tried to send the generated .zip file to support@malwarebytes.com, and got an auto reply saying its monitored, so I tried to create a ticket with the AI bot after logging in, please see screenshots/
Is it impossible to get support other than via the forums?

Screenshot - Malwarebytes for Mac 2024-05-24 at 08.58.15@2x.png

Screenshot - How to contact Malwarebytes support – Malwarebytes Help Center 2024-05-24 at 10.08.57@2x.png

Screenshot - Subscriptions  Malwarebytes 2024-05-24 at 10.10.02@2x.png

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Support will need to take a closer look for a more specific answer, but the general reason for seeing that message is that the process named RTProtectionDaemon - which is a Malwarebytes process responsible for managing real-time protection - is not running.

One potential reason for this is if you have disabled login items for Malwarebytes on a recent version of macOS. Go to System Settings -> General -> Login Items and make sure the Malwarebytes item is turned on (as shown below).


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