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Cant install windows 7


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Yes, you'll need that much free space on your hard drive to install it because it backs up your current Windows installation and all the files to a folder called Windows.old on the hard drive. The upgrade installation options for Windows 7 can be found here. You can also do a clean installation, in which case it wouldn't save any of your files or programs as detailed here

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Alright, hopefully you'll get it to work. If not then you might consider just doing a backup to another hard drive or some recordable DVD's and then using the Custom Installation option described in the second link which should allow you to delete the existing Windows installation which would certainly leave you with enough space.

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Not really, unless you can find any other identification numbers on the laptop itself, like on the bottom or around the screen bezel :) .

Check the Device Manager and look under System Devices. There will be items listed there with numbers next to them. The numbers will indicate what the chipset is. That might be enough to find the proper drivers needed for 7 to recognize the drive.

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Alright, this should help to identify your motherboard, which in turn should help to identify your system and hard drive controller:

Run CPU-Z:

  • Please download CPU-Z from here and install it
  • Run it and once it finishes loading click on the About tab and click the Save Report (.HTML) button and save the file to your desktop
  • Right click on the saved html file and hover over Send To and select Compressed (zipped) Folder
  • Attach the zip file you just created to your next reply

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