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proper way to download the free malwarebytes?

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Oh, hmm. I am not sure what dw.com is, but cnet is download.com, which I am sure you know that :)

I hope that your system is okay! To be sure, do a full scan with your AntiVirus (AV) and then after you've followed my directions below, do a quick scan with Malwarebytes :)

Yes, the direct link from the Malwarebytes page is this link here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam-download.php

(it randomly picks a download link from download.com or majorgeeks, and I think there are one or two other sites, but I've noticed that it usually picks download.com)

After recommendation from Exile, one of our experts here, to use MajorGeeks, that is the only way I download Mbam now (and what I also recommend), and here is that link for you as well. http://majorgeeks.com/Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware_d5756.html

I've included a screenshot of where you should click :)

Also, if MajorGeeks doesn't start download immediately or soon after clicking, they will provide a link for you to click on to download it manually. If you need a screen shot of that too, let me know!

Also, you should follow these directions here as well (prior to download from download.com or MajorGeeks, which is where I recommend you download Mbam from also), and download a fresh copy via MajorGeeks, just to make sure everything gets installed correctly and everything :)


Of course, if you are using the Free version, disregard the Note: on RubbeR DuckY's post :)

There is not a direct download of Malwarebytes available from Malwarebytes.org itself, though, if you were wondering that.

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@ CCMUA2009

Yes, the direct link I gave you usually does to go download.com/cnet, which I don't like to use anymore and don't recommend to others either (mainly because of all the ads on their site, some of them rogue-ish) and also I trust MG more after recommendations from Exile :)

I recommend using the link that I gave you to Major Geeks :)

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@ CCMUA2009

Because download.com is a hosting site for Malwarebytes, and actually I believe is their #1 download site (meaning a lot of people get Malwarebytes from there).

Sometimes that link will take you to MajorGeeks too, which is also a hosting site, and I think a site called filehippo, which I don't really know anything about.


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so do ya'll think it is ok that I downoaded malwarebytes by going to the free download button on malwarebytes.org which tok me to cnet.com to run the malwarebytes download? Because that is how I have it installed now. So should I leave it alone? I mean am I safe? I checked the malewarebytes folder on my computer in

C:\ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and the mbam.exe is digitally signed as well as a few others (mbamgui.exe mbam.dll to name a few)

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@ CCMUA2009

yes, I think that you are just fine! The first few times I downloaded mbam, I used download.com and nothing bad happened to my computer or my friends that I downloaded it on :) I do recommend the MajorGeeks link now though.

And yes, it should be digitally signed, and those file names seem normal to Malwarebytes :)

But yes, you should be fine! If you do have any doubts though, just follow the directions in my first reply to you in this thread, and let me know if you have any questions.

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thanks all

I read some bad things about downloads from cnet.com, but tha may have had to do with other programs people downloaded

Mountaintree- is the main reason you don't like cnet.com because the ads? I mean you don't feel that they download virus packaged with legit programs like malwarebytes, do you?

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@ CCMUA2009

You are very welcome!

Yeah, the main reason I don't like download.com / cnet is because of the ads. They are big and annoying, and sometimes less-savvy users accidentally download from the advertisements (it usually will say "ad" or "sponsored ad" or something similar to that either on top of or near the ad) and could potentially end up infecting themselves. Such as the ad on there I frequently see when I check the download page for Mbam on download.com, "Cyber Defender", which I don't know for sure if its a rogue, but it appears as though it could be that way.

While MajorGeeks has ads as well, they aren't as prominently displayed and aren't as annoying, and users are less likely to accidentally download something that they don't mean to be downloading.

You shouldn't have contracted any virus or malware from your Malwarebytes download from download.com, no. and yes, the bad reviews you read likely had to do with other programs people had downloaded. Once in a great while I am sure there is some program on there that is less than legit and could even contain an infection. It's always good to read reviews of a software product, and now that you are joined up on the forum here, if you are unsure of a program, if you want to post about it, feel free to and someone who might know something about it could check for you and let you know what they think.

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Yes, its perfectly okay to use cnet for downloading the free Malwarebytes :) I've used it before and had no problems!

You're not dense, you're just concerned and seem to be a little new at this, and so you have questions, and that is definitely okay! :) It's always good to have questions, that's how you learn! Believe me, I've had plenty of questions before and I still have plenty of questions yet to come.

Like I said before though, if you are especially concerned, please follow the directions in the first post I replied to you with in this thread, and if you still feel that you may be infected, read the following and follow its directions:

We don't work on Malware removal in the general forums.

Please read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.

One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

Please be advised though, that its quite busy in there so it could take 48 hours or more for a response. If its been more than 48 hours, feel free to reply to your post asking for review. Do not add more replies than this though to your post; this can make it appear as though you are getting helped and thus can take longer for a helper to notice that you need help.

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Thank you very much and to all that have helped.

One last bit of concern/question

As I said here is how I downloaded malwarebytes

went to malwarebytes.org

clicked download free version

took me to cnet.com showing the malwarebytes program

clicked download now

internet explorer asked if I wanted to download, I said yes download file

download showed mbam-setup.exe coming from software-files.cnet.com

ran the program

NOW here is wherethere are/were some confusing issues

In my internet explorer history, I just show download.cnet.com

BUT when I loo at my internet connection logs, I see

cnet.com AND these strange ones



So it concerns me if some maliciousness was involved?

Or is that the same as when you go to yahoo.com your connection log shows





Just all part of the yahoo page

I googled adlog.com.com and found the link below

regarding dw.com.com


regardig adlog.com.com


so if I'm understanding this all correctly, these .com.com things are part of the cnet.com wep page???

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You are very welcome!

I understand what you are saying/mean here about all the different connected pages and such, and as far as I know you are understanding it correctly and they are all part of each other. Thank you for explaining it in such great detail, very helpful.

I am not positive of this though, I'm going to PM someone and see if they can help you find out for sure and if not, they might know someone who does know. I'm also curious to know too, because I've been wondering the same thing actually (about other websites).

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Hmm, most of these download centrals have loads of crappy programs. Cnet, Majorgeeks included - and their many ads. Are Majorgeeks done with UniBlue yet? As a rule go to original source - or just get used to the fact these sites are ad-ridden and have interesting "Buy" links. The way it is but if you feel like evaluating for real there are more important things to look at than adsevers.

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hi js9600 and welcome to the forums.

I have no idea if MajorGeeks is done with UniBlue yet. I don't even know what UniBlue is to be honest. Maybe someone else will have the answer to that question.

As for the ads, yeah it kinda stinks, but that's how these sites are supported - by generating income from advertisements.. Personally I don't find the MG ones to be as bad or annoying, but yeah, they are still ads.

Unfortunately, some of the ads on these sites are less than legitimate and are either rogue or borderline rogue, and/or may be infested... also unfortunately, many people don't realize/know this and/or see them when they are directed to the site to download something else, and end up downloading something from an ad instead.

I just ignore them and wouldn't purchase from the site unless I knew without a doubt that it was safe. Anyway, I prefer to buy directly from the source.

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