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Detection database won't update, Android 12, MB 5.6.0+247

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I've seen this asked on Reddit, but not here. Apparently since the MB update to 5.6.0+247, Trusted Advisor says I need to update the detection database, but it won't do it -- it just returns. It does seem that once per day I get an update, but the other updates (hourly) just say "There was a error. Please retry" (yes, "a error" not "an error"). I don't think it's just a display issue as the Malware detection version stays the same (.01 for each day). I sent Support logs and was asked to check battery optimization etc. which I did. Seems this type of error happens a lot at various releases. I've rebooted, checked all parameters I can. Phishing detection version is 2024.03.03.10 which is a bit concerning since it's now 12 days old. It typically updates on Wi-Fi automatically. Have tried turning that off to run from mobile data as well, no change.

Has anyone else seen this? MB has been working since the last Android update (V12) until recently. Updated from Google Play, no change since it says I have the latest version.

Thanks in advance -

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Incident closed. Worked with support but unable to resolve via logs and other checks. Based upon their recommendation I cleared the cache, uninstalled MB and reinstalled. The dashboard at least is clear, however, the database does not update automatically -- I have to manually tell it to do so which is unfortunate, since the Update frequency is set to every 3 hours and I would expect it to be automatic, as it was in previous versions. Manual updates seem to work. I will just continue to do that for now.

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