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I bet if it was easier to find the people responsible for writing malware (viruses, spyware, etc), these people would be prosecuted by governments. However, usually these people are equally as good at hiding as they are at writing their malicious code. I fear this will be an endless battle but one that will always have people on the good side fighting against them.

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where there money theres crime.

where there is a viable way to cause problems or pure theft the human race allways shows its colors.some will help you,some will take advatage.

hence why i try darn hard to learn more even if my aged brain is saying eh what,like trying to teach a old dog new tricks.

and its also why i have a lotta respect for them that do help and the obvious loathing for devious theifs,or malware writers and the like.

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I put them into the same basket as people who break into your home, damage your property, rifle through and steal your personal belongings, and leave you feeling vulnerable and invaded. UGH!! (Yes, I have been burgled before). :)

Worse thing is malware writers/distibutors (or whatever the correct term for these scumbags is) mainly operate on a large scale, and don't just do the street or the neighbourhood, they infect millions of people's computers - many of which you don't have a lot of control over. You can choose what you do and don't do on your own PC, and who uses it, and what kind of security you apply - but you can't do that with computers belonging to companies that have your information stored. Even with careful use, it is still possible to get stung.

So yeah, they do STINK. But they are also a reality of life today, and you just have to be sensible and cautious, and try and minimise your risk of getting infected as much as is practical. MBAM is a big part of that for me, and I'm grateful I found this product and this community. :)

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