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Mariofev-False Positive?


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Greetings LostHearts :)

Please start Malwarebytes' and update it, then do a Quick Scan. The detections should be gone then.

Thanks for the quick response.

I updated Malwarebytes just before the scan. I always update when I'm going to scan my PC, so I have the latest update before the scan begins.

But I will try it again and see what happens. Can't hurt!

I appreciate any thoughts on this matter. According to a Google search, it seems that this Mariofev is quite a serious worm so it is really of great concern to me. :)

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You should really create your own FP post so that you're specific issue is addressed.

Please click on START - RUN and type in MBAM /developer and then do your Quick Scan and post back the log and we'll review it.

Thanks, it's just that my problem was the same as the OP and a lot of forums like to keep down the # of threads about the same topic.


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I had the same thing come up last night.. They were all deleted is that ok??

I did the same thing--they're deleted & quarantined as of last night. Booted up the PC this morning and everything is working fine. I did another Malwarebyte scan and there were no infections.

It seems up in the air whether Mariofev is an FP or not. Some sites say yes and that it's very serious; others say it's a false positive. Considering the descriptions of what it does, I decided just to hit the Remove button.

Malwarebytes is a great program and I'm going to recommend it to others. I had run other scans just the day before and they found nothing. Now of course maybe my PC hadn't been infected yet but it could also be that Malwarebytes was the only one to pick it up. This would be the 2nd time this program found something the others didn't.

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