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Bundled now with PlistBuddy? (solved)

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Running MacOS Ventura. Recently opened Malwarebytes there, after not using for a while (perhaps it was the new V.5?), and was greeted by requests to allow PlistBuddy to install by Patrick Warldle's Block Block. Very puzzled about this, since, as I understand it, PlistBuddy is already installed by default, and don't understand why I was prompted to allow it on the (perhaps) Malwarebytes update. Wondering if this is now expected behavior, and if so why it is happening. Have looked through the .pkg using Pacifist and find zero re. PlistBuddy anywhere there. Pkg is Malwarebytes-Mac-

Note, downloaded new install pkg, as my first reflex was to deny the Block Block request, so needed to uninstall and then reinstall.

Somewhat concerned, as I wonder whether this behavior, either on update, or on reinstall is actually kosher.


EDIT: Less concerning: thinking now that MWB didn't necessarily install PlistBuddy, but that it triggered its already installed executable. In any case, if this is so would like to understand why MWB needed to run PlistBuddy (which I have never, at least knowingly, run to edit plist files, and was completely unaware of until now).

More on PlistBuddy:




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Solved: No more alarm bells ringing, plus learned something new. Basically everything seems normal. Just ran the update on a different Mac. Perhaps PlistBuddy has been utilized before for other application updates, but what threw me was BlockBlock reporting PlistBuddy, which I had never encountered before, and knew nothing about.

Assumed  that if a new .plist (LaunchDaemon) for an update was required, it would be introduced new with the update, not modified via this utility, which is what seems to have happened.

Compared the pre-update (v.4.21) to the after-update (v. 5.0.159) .plists at /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.malwarebytes.mbam.rtprotection.daemon.plist. Seeing no difference, except for what seems to be the version string at the end of each.MWBBlockBlockPlistBuddy.thumb.png.ce9f2e2706c64136855cb57ddeb453f5.png

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