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Scammer demands cell phone number


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As a business owner, I've been sent very realistic but fraudulent cashier checks for thousands more than the actual purchase price of the product and the scammers always follow the same methodology.  Initially they sound legit, but then they always demand my name, mailing address for the overnight payment cashiers check and my CELL phone number.  
The fraudulent cashiers check

  • typically arrives overnight, on a Friday or Saturday
  • from a new return address (that doesn't match the purchaser) that paid for the overnight postage,
  • and the fraudulent cashier's check inside is written on an account suffering from fraud  (when I've been able to do so, I call the issuer of the check who confirms they have been enduring fraudulent bank transactions)
  • and the cashier's check is written for thousands more than the product cost.  
  • Instructions are to pay the excess amount paid to me - to the agent who will pick up the product I have offered for sale.  

My question is: why is my cell phone number so insistently demanded to be provided?  What can the perpetuator of this scheme achieve with my cell phone number.  

Fortunately, I haven't given out my cell phone because I've been able to identify the purchaser as a potential scammer.  But I worry.  What is the risk if the bad guy has my cell phone number?  

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  • Root Admin

For one thing it validate that you're a real, live, and current user. They can then turn around and sell your number to others underground for various purposes including just general product Ads.

Bots send this data out to millions of users over time with most old outdated and bounced or non deliverable. Finding good valid customers is of value


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59 minutes ago, sandiiiiii said:

May I ask, "What can a bad guy who purchases my cell phone number do with it?"  

Track you.  Obtain Cellular Triangulation and GPS data, where you shop, whom you call, what are your likes and dislikes, etc.

If it is a Smart Phone, there is a plethora of data that can be mined and sold and also to make you a target.

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