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Link blocked by Malwarebytes from a trusted site


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I went to a trusted website of mine. But the app Malwarebytes always blocks my access to the link: chat.ichatlink.net ( When I clicked on that link, I got the warning below from Malwarebytes :


Website blocked due to phishing

Website Blocked: chat.ichatlink.net

v2.6.21 | Phishing: 2.0.202402171647


Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity.

We strongly recommend that you do not continue. You may be putting your safety at risk by visiting this site. For more information, visit  Malwarebytes Support.

Go back

Continue to this website


Of course, I can continue to visit this website because I really trust the company behind it. All I have to do is put the IP address of the link to the inclusion of Malwarebytes.

On the other side, I take the warning from the app seriously, As a result, I don't feel confident about going further and harming my laptop.

Based on your knowledge, is it possible for you to tell me about the level of danger associated with that strange link? What could be the consequence of continuing despite the warning from Malwarebytes? Do you have some more information about the link above?

By the way, I got that awkward link by clicking on the icon "service" on that website: https://www.lxrand-co.com/home The other Icon/links on the website (withdrawal, deposit, T & C, FAQs) are working well with malwarebytes.

Malwarebyte_website blocked.jpg

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