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Documents folder Properties only has 'General' tab, missing the rest

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Windows 10 Home 22H2 19045.4046. Using an admin account.

My Documents folder, and by that I mean specifically the System Folder you get to from the "This PC" link in File explorer, occasionally only has the General tab when I go to Properties.


Every other personal folder, like Downloads, Pictures, Music, etc., has all of the tabs.


However, when I don't use the direct link from This PC and manually navigate to C:\Users\User\Documents and look at that folder's properties, it has all of the tabs


I have noticed it twice this week so far. Each time I restarted my computer and after a restart, the Documents folder from the This PC shortcut has all of its tabs restored (Sharing, Security, Location, Previous Versions, and Customize), but then after some arbitrary amount of time it will go to having just the General tab.

Earlier this week, I was playing around with the "Location" settings of the Documents folder, where you can change the actual folder location for the default Documents folder (this is done in the Location tab of the Properties window). I experimented a couple of times by just changing it to a Test folder on my Desktop to see what would happen before changing the Documents location to its default  C:\Users\User\Documents directory. I can't say for absolute certain that my recent issue is related to that as I wasn't exactly checking the Documents properties regularly, but it seems like it could be related. I didn't do this with the other folders (Music, Pictures, etc.) and as I stated above, i'm not noticing this issue with those folders.

Ran DISM RestoreHealth and SFC /scannow command prompts in between the two instances of the issue being present, which don't appear to have done anything.

I don't have any restore points from before I noticed this.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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