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False Positive Detections


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I would like to report False Positive on the following applications. 

The file is an installer for the application: GetMyDrivers For more information, you may visit their page: www.getmydrivers.com

Detection:           PUP.Optional.GetMyDrivers

MD5:                     86d9e54f8d83bf9b287dc48ee3f241ad

SHA1:                    b24767c94ca339ff74c412a700161ec003d78ab9

SHA256:               ba47c2bb43fc0d338e901e6ce24da37c4d576db5c81e2ba48c7f3ccca378af51

Cert:                      8118EC3DB31A15B61AD6A28966BCFC8DB53378AA

Issuer:                   DigiCert Trusted G4 Code Signing RSA4096 SHA384 2021 CA1

IssuedTo:             RealDefense LLC

Virustotal Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ba47c2bb43fc0d338e901e6ce24da37c4d576db5c81e2ba48c7f3ccca378af51/details

The file is an installer for the application: MyCleanID 4.1.8-2023. For more information, you may visit their page: www.mycleanid.com

Detection:           PUP.Optional.MyCleanID

Filename:            MyCleanIDSetup (4.1.8).exe 

MD5:                     194e25b3dc27e125b9617173638c6034

SHA1:                    757cf540f8cf313958970c2b2a139bdc3e3d0997

SHA256:               7d72d647d9c6d090209fe79074b58815cbfcb0ba380f71606e9bcbd8ab5e5adc

Cert:                      C68E49267D8FC47C140014FD75C0A4595D7A0FCD

Issuer:                   DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA

IssuedTo:             RealDefense LLC

Virustotal Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7d72d647d9c6d090209fe79074b58815cbfcb0ba380f71606e9bcbd8ab5e5adc?nocache=1




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