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Microsoft Security Essentials - installation question

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Hi. I plan on uninstalling my current AV, and then installing MSE. It is not clear on the MSE website whether when you download MSE if it runs and installs the product straightaway - or if you can download an executable file to somewhere on your computer and then run it separately to invoke the installation wizard (like with most applications you download of the internet).

The reason I'd like to know is because I'd rather not use the internet for even a short period of time with no AV installed, but it would be sensible to uninstall AVG before installing MSE.

Can anyone shed some light? Thanks. ;)

(by the way I am aware there is an installation video on the MSE site that you can watch, but it requires silverlight to view it).

EDIT- Argh! Sorry Moderators - I posted this in the wrong forum by accident. Please can you move it to the General forum, or the PC help forum if more appropriate.)

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Yes, the installer would be different. Hang on a sec and I'll find the right one for you :) .

edit: Here you go ;)

Excellent! Sorry for not being more specific about my OS in the original post, but I was just expecting a yes or a no rather than someone kindly delivering me the actual file! Thanks so much exile. :)

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And for future reference:

MSE Downloads:

Definitions Installers:

Note: if installing the definitions in Windows Vista or Windows 7 you MUST right click the definitions installer and select Run as administrator and click Continue at the User Account Control prompt.

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