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[Resolved] Cannot activate identity theft protection - advanced...

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I am having considerable difficulty trying to activate Malwarebytes Identity Theft Protection - Advanced...Although I have followed all instructions very carefully, it will not activate...

I have successfully enrolled (see attached), yet I am informed of problems with enrollment and I just cannot successfully activate the coverage...

As far as my Subscriptions go, it would appear that I have successfully installed and activated both the Premium Security and the Privacy VPN, but no matter what I try, I cannot get the Identity Theft Protection - Advanced activated!

I look forward to any/all assistance with this issue...Thank you in advance for your time and anticipated support...



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I'm hoping this second attempt asking for support will yield results... I can appreciate the attempts to help the first time, but unfortunately, I need to figure this out...

Thanks in advance for your time and anticipated support with this issue...It is sincerely appreciated!



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I have merged your topic @netarchitech

There is no one on the forums that can assist you with this. No one, not even me, has access to make any modifications to your account.

Support replied to you and you replied that did not work. They will be back with you again on Monday. I'll try to get assistance sooner but it's unlikely you'll get a reply before Monday

Thank you again



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@netarchitech, Jason here from our support team. I see my colleague is working on your ticket. It would be beneficial to understand more about your experience. Therefore, can you kindly reply to the ticket with any error message or more details about what you experienced when trying to complete the account setup? This will help us identify where the underlying issue is arising. 

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Good Morning Jason,

Thank you for your recent reply and offer of support...It is certainly appreciated!

Let me see if I can retrace my steps...

1. After successfully installing Malwarebytes and the VPN, I proceeded on to the Identity Theft Protection (Advanced) portion of the process...

2. I was prompted to enroll and successfully did so (at least that's what I thought)...




3. Until I saw the following (an unexpected error):



4. And so it appears I do not have Identity Theft Protection (Advanced) successfully activated...




I hope this helps, Jason...While it has been somewhat frustrating, I realize this is a new offering and there might be some bugs in the process...

Looking forward to your reply...

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@netarchitech, Thank you for your patience. I understand how frustrating things are when things don't work as expected.

I appreciate you sending the screenshots, which will help resolve the issue. I will add this information to our helpdesk system.

Please confirm if you still receive the "Unexpected error in enrollment" message while clicking Manage in the portal. Or are you landing on the account setup option, which asks for your name and other account details to configure Identity Theft protection?

I am trying to confirm your experience so we can recommend the next best steps for you. 


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@jtodd234, I seem to have gotten a little further, but I've hit another error, "Unable to verify your identity" and I've been provided a number to call ...Spoke with a representative ("Tracy")who helped me through the additional registration process...I believe I now have successfully completed the necessary registration process and I am able to access the more extensive portal...

Thank you to all for your time and support throughout this process...It is most certainly very much appreciated!

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