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Windows 7 blue screen of death

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Possibly another driver causing win32k.sys to crash?

I'm not sure how to fix it though.

Unlikely, like i said it happens only when i scan protected hard drive..

If i scan C drive, malwarebytes scans normal no windows crashes .

I installed malwarebytes few days ago and before that windows 7 never crashed.

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If you scan in Safe Mode, do you get the same result?

I assume all the scans come up clean? Make sure your definitions are updated and run a Quick Scan to make sure you are really clean, since some malware can cause this error to be thrown.

BitLocker protected hard drive is unaccesseble in safe mode, maybe because i dont have TPM.

Scanned also avira and SAS in normal mode and nothing found.

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Here is what your 111509-15787-01.dmp file tells me. I hope this helps.

On 15/11/2009 your computer crashed

This was likely caused by the following module: win32k.sys

Bugcheck code: 0x7A (0xC07FA140, 0xC0000185, 0x44A7C8C0, 0xFF428000)


Dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\111509-15787-01.dmp

file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\win32k.sys

product: Microsoft

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I had to decrypted hard drive, scanned several times and no craches anymore.

Dont know what i did wrong or where it gone wrong. Bitlocker drive encryption in windows 7 dont have many options to choose, turn on and turn off.

Used malwarebytes on XP and Vista for a long time and it has not given me any problems at all.

Thanks to all who replyed.

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