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As per the latest Malwarebytes News email I carried out the Digital Footprint Report. The result shows that some breaches of password were noted. I dont understand as it was my email that was checked and if it was passwords then what are they and how to find them to sort it out. The password info is completely wrong and does not, and has never, existed. As it stands this report is no use to me. This is the same issue as with sites like 'Have I been pawnd'. Unless there is a way to identify back to the user which passwords need changing then it is a complete waste of time. What am I missing?

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The Malwarebytes' Digital Footprint Report and others get databases of breaches and those databases will be cross referenced when provided your email address.  If it is found in a Breach it will then check if the data breach it was found in has an associated password.  If YES, the emailed report may provide an obfuscated password found in an undisclosed breach

I tested 3 email addresses.  All three showed my IP address.  But that was discerned when I supplied my email address in the Digital Footprint Report  web form.

  • One email address provided a faux identity telling me incorrect information on my name and my Postal address with an obfuscated old password.
  • Another email address had and old password associated with one breach.  However, I can say that while have i been pwned? indicated zero breaches, Malwarebytes indicated one breach but that breach was undisclosed.
  • The last email address was indicated to be in one undisclosed breach and that's it.

It creates a curiosity to find out more and to get that, one has to subscribe.

I found it interesting that Malwarebytes indicated one email address was involved in a breach that was not indicated by have i been pwned?  demonstrating no service is complete.


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Bonjour à tous, 

J'ai également fait un scan sur l'adresse mail avec laquelle je suis abonné à Malwarebytes et j'ai obtenu le message suivant :



We found 1 breaches where your password was exposed


Et après aucune information précise sur le site ou le service qui pose problème.

J'ai un abonnement que je croyais Premium et là on veut me vendre un service supplémentaire, je pensais au moins que le but du test serait de me prouver que ce service peut m'être concrètement utile.

Là je reste dans le doute et c'est un situation assez inconfortable intellectuellement.

Merci si vous pouvez m'apporter des informations.


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Hello everyone, I also did a scan on the email address with which I subscribed to Malwarebytes and I got the following message:


We found 1 breaches where your password was exposed And then no precise information on the site or service that is causing the problem. I have a subscription that I thought was Premium and now they want to sell me an additional service, I thought at least that the aim of the test would be to prove to me that this service can be concretely useful to me. There I remain in doubt and it is a rather uncomfortable situation intellectually.


Thank you if you can give me any information. Sincerely




Salut jluclille59

Malwarebytes Premium n'est qu'une solution anti-malware de bureau. Cela ne vaut pas pour d’autres gammes de produits telles que VPN.

Ce que vous avez utilisé est essentiellement un outil marketing offrant seulement un aperçu de ce que le service payant peut faire pour vous.


Hi jluclille59

Malwarebytes Premium is only a desktop anti malware solution.  It does not c over other product lines such as VPN.

What you used is essentially a marketing tool offering only a glimpse at what the paid-for service can do for you


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Just now, David H. Lipman said:

that caused me to to get the Mwlwarebytes' Newsletter from an email account I had already performed an Opt-Out on.

I saw your other topic on that subject.

Just another reminder for all to read all the "fine print" everywhere.


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Hello. Apologies for being late to this thread but I just wanted to report a similar experience to David's. I applied for a Malwarebytes Digital Footprint Report, which said there were 10 breaches where my password was exposed. I checked the have i been pwned? which reported a few that I had been aware of have since taken action on. More concerningly, it gave a different name and address to mine, although the IP address was correct. In the recent past, I noticed spam marketing emails in the area of the address which I had just ignored. There is an address for the person that does check out as correct (according to the website  https://unmask.com). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could investigate how my email address (which I use extensively, so don't want to delete) may be linked to this other person?

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