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Can a turned off and inactive PC spread malware through a network?

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In the event that I've been possibly infected on my past PC's (although nothings happened to me for 6+ months), is it possible that malware could travel from them to my current new PC?
I believe one was turned on for a bit while the other was on, however I have a firewall on the main and network discovery and file sharing is turned off on my main PC. I'm no concerned about infection currently, I just wonder if it should be of concern or if I'm just overthinking things.

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Viruses spread autonomously.  Internet worms are a sub-type of viruses that use Network Protocols to spread autonomously.

However, the vast majority of malware seen Today are not viruses, they vast majority are trojans.  Trojans do not autonomously spread.  Trojans need assistance to spread and the likelihood of a Internet Worm infection on your home LAN is extremely low.  The viruses that are present Today are very well detected.

This is why it is wrong to call all malware viruses.  All viruses are malware but not all malware are viruses. 

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