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Malwarebytes and MS Defender interaction

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I have a Malwarebytes subscription for my Samsung S21.   Yesterday, I installed "MS Defender" from Microsoft which I can get due to my Microsoft 365 subscription.

Mostly, MS Defender is kinda sorta like Malwarebytes - it purports to prevent installation of malware and to prevent navigating to bad websites.   BUT, it also has "privacy protection" - a VPN.  That's what interested me. 

Soon after installation, MS Defender complained that virus protection and web protection were turned off.   That reminded me of how Malwarebytes Premium on Windows "turns off"  Microsoft Defender, the built-in Anti-Malware.  

Is it possible that Malwarebytes subscription on Android is turning off the Malware protection and Web protection in MS Defender?    No big deal to me if it does, I don't need the redundancy. 

(I realize life would be simpler if I picked up a subscription to Malwarebytes VPN, but I only want to use VPN on my phone when I'm on public unsecured WiFI, not at home.   I"m already paying for MS Defender within my Microsoft 365 subscription.)

Update from this morning, now MS Defender Malware and Web protections are turned on and no complaints.   I may turn them off to avoid redundancy overhead anyway.  *Shrugs*.)


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Hi @Pumphouse,

My guess is that it's being disabled due to battery optimization.  Some mobile device companies are very diligent about optimizing battery usage to preserve the battery.  Since anti-malware scanners run in the in the background, they are a target for battery optimization turning them off.  Follow this tutorial: disabling battery optimization.  It's for Malwarebytes, but same applies to MS Defender.  Weird, didn't realize Microsoft had an Android anti-malware scanner.  Especially since their read and butter is Windows.  Taught me something new!


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