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My MX Donation Caught a Harvester!!


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I got some great news this morning from Project HoneyPot. I just have to share it.

Jean --

Regardless of how the rest of your day goes, here's something to be happy about -- today one of your donated MXs helped to identify a previously unknown email harvester (IP: The harvester was caught a spam trap email address created with your donated MX:


You can find information about your newly identified harvester here:


Don't forget to tell your friends you made the Internet a little better today. You can refer them to Project Honey Pot directly from our website:


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Congrats - and I didn't know about donating MX records - I'll have to look into that - my own domain, I believe, is using MX records, but being somewhat new to domain name ownership and such, I need to see how that would work.

I'll check out project honeypot here in a bit - but in the meantime....

Congrats! You have personally made each and every one of us safer on the net!

Oh, and one more thing - Hardhead passed on some of your messenger smileys to me - and I like them!

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LOL glad you like the smilies. I get many from a pal in Canada.

Hey there --

I wanted to let you know about a service called Project Honey Pot. It allows you to track and help catch spammers who harvest email addresses from your web pages. I signed up myself, added honey pots to my site, donated an MX entry to help the cause and think it might be a service you'd find useful.

You can learn more and sign up for free by visiting:



You need to have a Honey Pot installed before you can donate an MX record.

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