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Since we fixed the .NET Framework problem the start up has changed - I now get a logon screen which asks for users name and will not continue to full normal screen until the user has entered a name -

This may have been caused by a brief power outage while working on .NET Uninstaller or the entry process may have been corrupted by the work or the power outage - I just turned on and the user was filled into the login box but it would not go further until OK or somilar was clicked -

AdvancedSetup refered to a tool but the script to enter into command box was a bit unclear (spaces etc) -

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Check the state of Fast User Switching:

  • Please click Start and select Control Panel
  • Open Administrative Tools if you don't see it, then click on Switch to Classic View on the left pane
  • Open Services
  • Scroll down the list until you see Fast User Switching
  • Make sure that it is set to Manual and that it is Running, if it is not then let me know

Thanks :)

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Alright, then please do the following:

Change Log On type:

  • Click Start and select Run
  • Copy and paste the text in the code box into the Run box and press Enter or click on OK:
    RUNDLL32.EXE shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL nusrmgr.cpl

  • Once User Accounts opens, click on Change the way users log on or off
  • Make sure the boxes next to Use the Welcome screen and Use Fast User Switching are both checked and click Apply Options
  • Close User Accounts
  • Restart your PC to see if it worked

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No worries, he's helped me out a LOT and has taught me tons of things :) . It's always nice to have some backup, and that's one of the reasons I love it here, there are so many knowledgeable users (like AdvancedSetup) willing to lend me a hand and make suggestions when needed :) .

Anyway, I'm glad it worked, I was hoping the simple fix would be the right one. If you have any further issues, you know where to post.

Thanks :)

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