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Nebula used as malware by "hackers" ...

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One of my customers called me after being 'hacked' by fake 'Microsoft Support'.

Always the same thing, computer showing a full screen webpage alerting that the computer is infected blah blah ..

call us and we'll help .. (or not, actually ..).

Customer called and gave them remote control through TeamViewer.

The 'hackers' (not the good term as they don't hack anything ...) installed MB Nebula Client on the customer computer.

The customer wants it to be removed as they could use active response shell to steal data or perform unwanted actions on his computer.

Of course, uninstallation is password protected ..

We will reinstall the computer from scratch but be aware that some of your customers are acting badly.

If I can help with identifying them with the client config or anything, ask me rapidly (before the computer is reinstalled which will happen quite soon).

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Alex_ROMAIN

Thank you for the feedback.

If you can gather logs from the system we should be able to determine where it came from.

Collect Endpoint Agent diagnostic logs

You can send the logs to me in a Private Message

Thank you again


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  • Root Admin

Generate logs from task bar icon

  1. Reproduce the issue so the Endpoint Agent can run and generate new data.
  2. Locate the endpoint agent icon in the task bar tray.
  3. Hover over the icon, hold CTRL and right-click. Select Generate Diagnostic Logs.
  4. A log collection start message displays. Click Ok.
  5. The log collection process takes a few minutes to run. When it completes, the file MBDiagnostics.zip saves to the desktop. Send the file to Support.
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