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Android MB stopped working (after paying sub lol)

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hello all,

long time MB lurker and freeloader, very grateful for all the protection.

Finally started making enough money to start paying for bits and pieces of tech.

Did so for Malwarebytes on Android.

Howwwever, once I paid the MB app on Android 12 stopped working. 

App installs, opens, accepts email and password, then after submitting, simply disappears.

In app view i.e. side-by-side, MB shows up as a black app-shaped blank.

Tried accessing from password field - again app opens up, accepts email and password, then disappears again. 

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, three times now.

Before I try again, any advice on installation other than what's already here?

Not annoyed, MB given me YEARS of top quality service for free, more intrigued as to why the paid version has probs the free version doesn't. 



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Hi @notaninja,

We are sorry you are experiencing this issue. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to settings ---> apps and find/click Malwarebytes in the App info list
  2. Go to Storage & cache
    1. Click Clear Storage
    2. Click Clear cache
  3. Click the Back arrow to go back to Malwarebytes main App Info screen
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. Go to Google PLAY store and re-install Malwarebytes
  6. Restart your device

If this does not help, please check if there any other security (anti-virus) application installed on your device and uninstall any other security apps.

If all this doesn't work, let me know.

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