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Infected PC; Malwarebytes unable to scan

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I've tried renaming the program; didn't work.

I've tried AVG; the computer froze.

I tried Avast; Failure.

I'm running out of options.

It's not like when the computer got Antivirus 2009 and then the fake spyware one right after; I just renamed the program and the problem was solved after a good scan.

The new infection included b.exe.... I got rid of it, but the computer is still slowing to a halt and Malwarebytes can't even run. It goes to about 3 seconds and then stops entirely. As I ran dds.scr; it kept shutting down as well. I had to run several copies simultaneously in order to resist the auto-close and it took out four of the seven windows I opened before one finally finished.

Attached is a screenshot of the compy, dds's results and GMER's scan.





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