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Connectivity Issues


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Hiya and thank you for helping me!

I've been getting help from IndiGenus, one of the malware techs, and he feels we're pretty clean as far as malware goes. You can check out what all he did here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.p...mp;#entry157558

I am having pretty severe connection issues, I think. I am running firefox browser, Avast Anti-virus, and windows firewall (I had installed COMODO, but wasn't confident in my ability to run it properly, so I uninstalled and went back to Windows)

I have gotten a new modem from my ISP, just in case it was a hardware issue.

Web surfing is at a crawl and I have to either click a link multiple times, or refresh the page many times if there is any hope in connecting. Many times I just get a 'connection was reset by the server" or "could not find server" error message in firefox.

IE is slow also.

I removed extensions, add-ons, and extra toolbars from firefox...helped some.

Brand new hard drive (less than two months old, problems just started a little over a week ago.

I also have a VOIP phone and people can't hear me (comes through very broken), but I can hear them fine. But I drop a lot of calls.

Cable light on modem is solid, PC light flashes (should be solid as well)

Please help me get running again..I am unable to work. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!


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