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MBAM not running - Antivirus system pro

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Hi... I am having a lot of trouble with the "Antivirus System Pro" malware.

What happened in order:

- Firefox froze

- Restarted Firefox and it automatically installed updates

- got an error on screen (looked online), and removed the Google toolbar

- got the first instance of "ASP"

- I had MBAM installed and tried to run it, but it didn't run. Tried to run after renaming, wouldn't run.

- I had "superantispyware" also installed. That program ran, and found 12 suspicious files. It asked to reboot to fix.

- After reboot I tried to run MBAM again... didn't work. Tried to run SuperAntiSpyware again, wouldn't work.

- Tried to start in safe mode. Computer would freeze on a blue screen. Command, regedit and any other programs would not run... "ASP" messages kept popping up everywhere.

Could not do anything, not even start the task bar to stop the process...

After searching around, found AVIRA Antivir on a Bootable CD. I have run it and it has removed a lot of files (at least has deleted 14 files).

Computer boots, but there is no cmd, regedit, task bar. Right now, I tried to install MBAM and it installed, but quit after scanning for 4 seconds. When I tried to run again, it would not open, even after renaming.

Thanks for any help (I have the computer offline, as it keeps trying to go to four websites: porn.com, porn.org, adult.com and viagra.com)

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Update this morning:

Ran AVIRA three times (first time to "repair"... second time to "delete"... and third time just to make sure files were deleted) 3 hours every time...

MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware would not run, or run and quit after 4 secs.

So, I scanned the forum and did the combofix. It worked on the computer for 2 hrs...

and now it is clean and running... I have just finished installing MBAM, and it is doing a full scan.

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