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Mcafee says no, but can I?

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I just installed McAfee Internet Security 2010 (Iknow, I know, but really had no choice). Was able to install and run MBAM, which came up with the following on full scan: "Disabled.Security HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micro...", and showed "No action taken". MBAM then requested me to choose to "ignore" or remove", neither of which I did, as I assumed this was Malwarebyted recognizing that McAfee had changed the registry keys in some way. I contacted McAfee, who of course told me I must get rid of MBAM, as any other security programs will cause conflicts.

Does anyone recognize the above scan result? McAfee scans show nothing amiss. I don't like leaving my total security to just one program, and don't want to stop using MBAM, as it has often found issues which others do not.

Are there any other McAfee 2010 users who are also keeping and running MBAM? I'd sure appreciate some good suggestions, other than dropping McAfee, which isn't an option at this point. Thanks! :)

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Can you post the full MBAM log please?

HI and thanks so much for replying. I uninstalled MBAM, reinstalled it, ran full scan again: clean.

Ran McAfee scan, also clean. Nothing is showing amiss right now, and there seems to be no conflict at the moment, so I'm guessing it's all OK. Thanks again! :)

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