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V1.41 LOCKS UP 20 PCs

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Yesterday I purchased a 20 user license for a client and the install did not go well. After eash install I ran the scan and removed a few items on some of the PCs ... nothing major. On 5 of the 20 computers I installed it on I had to reboot as I also installed some Windows updates at the same time -- and when rebooted after the install would have no mouse the cursor would move, but it was not possible to click on anything. The keyboard was also completely non-functional. After many hard-shutdowns (holding power until shutoff and rebooting) the systems did seemingly become functional. I was concerned but as things were working, well ummmmm. I went back to the office late yesterday.

This morning as everyone returned to work and again turned on their computers, they have started calling saying they are having no mouse, lock up, 15 minutes to get to the login screen, no keyboard, some got in then the lockup came, most didn't get that far. This is not good. I returned to the client and found PC after PC in the same situation.

I removed malwarebytes from each PC and submitted a support ticket. In some cases they had finally got the system running and I could simply remove the software from the start menu link, in others I could not get the system going and had to reboot in safe mode to uninstall. There was no consistant pattern.

Although I've had good results from this program in the past on individual PCs, I'd never put it on a network. So because these folks were very concerned with malware, I figured this was the best tool out there to prevent it. I am in dis-belief at the disasterous result!

Something major has happened to this program and it is CURRENTLY completely dis-functional IMO, basically making the computers I have put it on unuseable. This is a totally unacceptable situation. If it had been one or two PC I could write this off to some incompatibility, but to disable and entire client's network was not only embarrasing but extremely annoying, as well as I can not charge for either the program or my time. It really doesn't get any worse a situation than this for an IT consultant :)

Here is the network:

Win SBS 2008 w/19 winXP Pro PCs and 1 WinVista PC, typical PC is Pentiun 4 3GHz or Core Duo with one to two GB memory. All Windows patches applied. Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security V6 on the server and all clients. If anyone has any idea what is going on, please respond. As of now I've no answers, and everything is back to the way it was before the install....and working perfectly.

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