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serious Malware or Trojan


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i have a serious Malware or Trojan on my pc

my pc boots up with lots of errors and a msg that winlogin has generated an error and that i should reboot my pc

there is allot of Harddrive activity so i looked in the taskmanager

the Taskmanager shows files or services like tmp files and photo_id.exe

and all these services and programs on the taskmanger are not assigned anymore

they are normally assigned to Users, Local service, Network Service and System but are now all blank

also i can't boot in savemode it just crashes

then a few second to half a minute i get an bsod wich flashes up and the pc is rebooted instandly

i have disconnected the pc from the network and havend used it again

on my second pc i've search information about these tmp files and photo_id.exe on the internet

and most of the hits i get point to the malware / Trojan named Trojan.Dropper/Win-NV

but i'm unsure thats the case because i have read a couple of topic on this forum

not one of them mentions that the pc is rebooted after a bsod is shown

also if i'm to use hijack or any other programs you might suggest

i need to use an flash drive cause i wont have this pc reconnected to the internet

i'm afriad that using a flashdrive that i may infect my other pc as well


i have posted this in the general forums as i was unsure where to post it


prairie dog said Please print out, read and follow the directions here,

the problem is that i have very little time after bootup befor my pc reboots

in a possable attempt to get Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on my infected pc through the use of an flashdrive

A. if i manage to get Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to run it will notg have enough time to complete

B. i will surely infect the flashdrive and my other pc if i have to put more files on it from my healthy pc

so please help

tnx in advance


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