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Shield on MBAM icon on desktop


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Yesterday morning after starting machine, a win security icon appeared in my taskbar informing me that AVG and my firewalls were turned off.

For a short time after turning them back on, i could not get AVGto run.

So I ran a quick scan with MBAM. MBAM alway asks me as administrator if i want to continue - i say yes. Quick scan shows nothing, but on returning to AVG, i was able to update and run scan - did this - no infection.

confused (my usual state when worrying about whether i have anything wrong with my computer), I decided to rerun mbam after updating the def. I then noticed a shield superimposed on the Malwarebytes icon on my desktop - i don't remember that being there - it looks like the shield that was with that antivius 08 malware i had on my other machine.....

my question is twofold....

did i just miss the icon having the shield on it, or is that a sign of something being wrong?

why would my windows security warning tell me those functions were turned off and what would be the cause of that happening.

i have a feeling i will get a quick education here :)

thanks in advance!


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