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We're hosting agefriendlyhomes.ie on that shared server and are blocked by Malware Bytes from accessing it. 

Report isn't particularly specific:

-Website Data-
Category: Compromised
Domain: agefriendlyhomes.ie
IP Address:
Port: 443

I've checked Sucuri and WordFence but didn't find anything on our site. Because it's shared hosting, I checked it here: https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/

And the only thing there were two reports from April 2023 by one person. "This IP was reported 2 times. Confidence of Abuse is 0%:"

The block seems to have been initiated in the past few days, so I don't really see anything else that would warrant this block.

thanks for looking into this,


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6 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Hello- This data is indeed valid and the result of the block, so not a false/positive at all.

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