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Malwarebytes run scan problems

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Malwarebytes is only taking 30 seconds to run on my MacBook, which seems too short. When I click ‘ start scan’ There is no pop up box and no information to show that the software is doing anything. There is no report at the end of the scan to show whether it has found anything. There is only a black circle on the Malwarebytes icon at the top of my menu bar while scan is running and then the black circle disappears again. I’ve uploaded photos of this.

I have tried 'update protection’ but nothing happened when I click on this. I’m running Mac OS Monterey 12.6. 

Is there a way I can bring up a report? Please can someone help me use Malwarebytes more affectively. I would really appreciate any assistance anyone can offer me. 

Image 10-10-2023 at 17.56.jpeg

Image 10-10-2023 at 17.58.jpeg

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Starting a scan from the menu simply starts a scan going in the background. Unless something is found, you won't get any feedback.

It sounds like you would probably do better to simply open the Malwarebytes app (which you can do from that menu, or you can find it in your Applications folder) and start a scan from there, so you can see the progress. You can also see reports on the results from previous scans, including any you started from the menu bar icon.

If anything is ever detected, no matter how the scan is started (from the app, from the menu bar icon, via scheduled scan, etc), you will get a notification about that in the macOS Notification Center... so be sure that Malwarebytes is allowed to send notifications in System Settings -> Notifications. If it's not allowed, you won't see those important notifications.

Regarding the scan time, 30 seconds is quite normal. See:


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