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Been trying to download 2.6.11 for a few days now...Still getting 2.6.10


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Using Firefox 118.01 and Browser Guard 2.6.10....According to the Browser Guard website 2.6.11 has been available

since October 6...But I am still getting 2.6.10 when I try to download manually and 2.6.10 does not upgrade to 2.6.11.

Was 2.6.11 not uploaded or was it pulled?


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Hi @davei1

I'm on the latest and I use Firefox by default and did not have to manually update. It updated on it's own.

Please try a factory reset. Then uninstall and restart the computer and try again.


Malwarebytes Browser Guard Reset





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I failed to mention that I have EIGHT Windows PCs and they all were failing to upgrade to 2.6.11 even when trying to

do a manual upgrade it just kept downloading 2.6.10 again...After your reply I tried again on my main PC and NOW it updated to 2.6.11...I'll go ahead and update

the other PCs now....Thanks.

EDIT:  Installed 2.6.11 now on all eight Windows PCs...Two of them required a manual uninstall and reinstall. Made sure to set settings to do AUTOMATIC rather than default on all...

Also updated to 2.6.11 on my LINUX System running Firefox 118.01 and my two portable USB Thumb drives runnng portable Firefox 118.01. Everything checked and set to AUTOMATIC now.


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