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Advice about broadband please


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Hi all.  My son is about to move in to his first property.  Was wondering about the best way for him to get broadband.  I recently stayed at an Air BnB and they had a small vodaphone device which we connected to via the Wi-Fi to use for our devices and this worked well.  I don’t think he needs the full Virgin or Sky type broadband, although probably would like some sports channels as he is a real sports buff.  Obviously we are looking for the cheapest way to go but this is something I really don’t know anything about as we have the full virgin tv and broadband at home.  Suggestions welcomed!!

Have a good day!

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What is best is very dependent on the physical locality and what is dependent upon service availability and the desired use by the subscriber.

The best start with some form of wired solution such as;  Fibre to the Premises (FTTP or FTTx), Cable and DSL such as VDSL.

Then there are the wireless options such as Cellular 5G.

Virgin or Sky type broadband sound like UK services and one should look at the type of physical services offered and the allocated speed offerings.  For example if the service is symmetrical (Download and Upload speeds are the same) or asymmetrical (Download speed is greater than Upload speed).  If it is a wired service it may be tiered such as 1Gb/s, 500Mb/s, 250Mb/s and 100Mb/s.  If the service is asymmetrical then that speed is the Download rated speed.

What is chosen may be dependent upon what the subscriber intends to do and how many devices will be served within the home.  For example if the service is merely Internet or the subscriber has multiple devices that may stream content at the same time.  Having multiple devices that may stream content at the same time will require hire bandwidths.

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To get him started quickly when he first moves in he could use his phone as a mobile wifi hotspot.
It's already connected and so he can use it straight away. It's just a matter of turning the Hotspot on.
If he already have an unlimited data allowance on his phone contract then using it as a wifi hotspot is not going to cost him any more then he is already paying.

(I spent most of 2020/21 happily using my phones 3G+ connection like that for my only internet access in a rented property).

Many people seem to forget that their mobile phone can be used as a hotspot like that,

Also consider a Mobile Broadband device, that's almost certainly what you had in that AirBnB.
They are readily avaialble in stores or online.
Being mobile it's 4G/5G so there is no landline and you can simply take it with you wherever you go, and even if/when you move home.

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