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Trojan.StolenData >> PID.txt False Positive


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I started getting this today when rebooting my laptop. Took me a while to figure out what was going on but here is what I have deduced:

I have a program named "Fidelizer Pro 8.10 xxx.exe" (xxx is my username) (it's standalone, no installation for add/remove) that runs on Windows launch. Its purpose is to apply various tweaks and edits to optimize audio sound quality. No updates in a while, the file is dated 6/9/23. Today when I rebooted, I got a pair of popup windows generic errors regarding "path not found" from cmd.exe. Then I get the Malwarebytes popup (see pic) that it has quarantined PID.txt from the Windows temp folder claiming it's a case of Trojan.StolenData (see attached copy of the PID.txt). I opened up PID and found it's just a line describing cpu core count. Pretty innocuous but clearly Fidelizer needs it to run. I am unable to disable the running of Fidelizer since it has to be running to turn off "load at startup" and in its current state, I believe it's causing background conflicts since it's not running correctly.

I tried restoring the file but MB just blocks it again next time around. I am reluctant to whitelist the file name as I understand it is actually possible to be output from backdoor trojan.

Please advise.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 130026.png

pid.txt trojan.txt


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