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The Malwarebytes Desktop Icon

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I just installed Malwarebytes (free) on my son's laptop today. He's running Vista 64 bit SP1. His Malwarebytes desktop icon has a shield on it, it looks like the shield icon of my Windows Security Center, that 4 colored thing. I just reinstalled Malwarebytes myself on my XP machine Nov 4/09 and my icon looks the same as always. I know this is minor, just wondering why his icon is different.

I know Vista has some different rules. Malwarebytes was downloaded in IE 8 and I had do something extra to permit the download. I saved the file in his Documents folder and I ran the installer from there. Every time his computer boots, Vista makes Malwarebytes ask permission during the startup. But we've run 2 scans, even cleaned up an item, and it all seems to work just fine.

Oh, and McAfee VirusScan Plus is also running on his laptop (for now--it's a trial version, not sure if he's going to stay with it or not.)

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The shield shows up on the two Vistas that I have installed it on as well.

As for asking for permission at boot-up, is this permission being requested from Windows Defender?

I didn't notice this at all, so I am unable to answer this question, unfortunately.

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The shield icon indicates that User Account Control will prompt you for permission because the program (in this case MBAM) requires administrative privelages to run. As for being blocked at startup, please take a look at this pinned topic as it will tell you what the startup item is and how to remove it. Be sure to use the appropriate fix (ie 64 bit).

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Thanks for the clarification on the shield icon, Exile. I had been wondering what that was for or what it meant, but hadn't gotten around to asking anyone yet lol.

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Thanks Exile, Mountaintree. I thought it might be something related to that UAC thing. :) Thanks for the other information as well.

BTW, Defender isn't running on his computer. I think McAfee must have disabled it, and since McAfee has an antimalware thing and some sort of web control, I've left it off.

McAfee is on trial, I think I'm going to suggest he go with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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