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Malwarebytes instead of a virus checker ?

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Do people use the full version of Malwarebytes instead of a virus checker ? Is it recommended by the authors ?

I ask for a couple of reasons:

. There are a lot of posts on this forum from people still running virus checkers as well.

. The malwarebytes web site doesn't seem to market it as such.

. I will only tolerate one such piece of software on my system.

. I have a goodish sense of smell for most viri. Many is the time with many different virus checkers over the years that I have told it to specifically check an item I doubted only to be told it was clean. Then when I double click on it the virus checker goes mental in a kind of "Look what I just let in" way. Basically I don't have a lot of time for most virus checkers. Malwarebytes however seems to have a very good sense of smell to, I would very much prefer to use it.

. Malwarebytes can actually remove viri, instead of saying it's removed only to find it again in the next scan.

. It's little and light, only two processes running for the live protection, instead of the 6 most virus checkers seem to like to run.

Given that:

. I don't need email protection

. I don't need phishing protection (I can read URL's)

. I don't need web protection (Firefox with noscript seems to be able to take care of it's self and I don't use virus explorer)

. I don't need Instant Messaging protection

. I don't need peer2peer protection

. I don't need mind your shoe laces protection

. etc..

Is malwarebytes a suitable replacement ?


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Our software is not anti-virus software, and is not meant to replace anti-virus software. It is meant to complement anti-virus software and cover the areas where anti-virus software is weak.

We recommend that you download and install one of the following anti-virus softwares to use with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Avira's AntiVir:


Microsoft Security Essentials:


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Shame! Cheers for the recommendations though.

When there are some good anti-virus softwares out there, it's a bit redundant to try and do what they are already doing. Our researchers and developers dive head first into the nastiest malware that anti-virus has trouble with. ;)

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Malware in its many forms poses one of the biggest threats to internet users today. Malicious software can be divided into a number of different categories and includes computer viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware among others. It has the ability to hijack your web browser, redirect your search engine attempts, bombard your screen with pop-up advertisements and even monitor your activity. Because malware is often poorly scripted, it may cause your computer to become terribly slow and unstable. If it is not removed immediately, this type of program can eventually cause your system to become inoperable.

Most malware programs will reinstall themselves even after you think they have been removed. They typically hide deep within the Windows registry, making them difficult to manually remove. When this occurs, your computer may become so unstable that installing a malware removal tool may be impossible.

Methods of Infection

Malware will find its way to your system in various ways. It often comes bundled with freeware applications such as iMesh, Kazaa and other file sharing programs. These programs mainly consist of adware, which is known to display pop-ups in hopes of generating revenue for the software's author. Other forms of malware are installed from sites purporting as software providers. Most of them will attempt to convince you to download a removal tool, claiming that your system is infected. Viruses and worms are mainly contracted via email, automatically launching themselves the moment you open an attachment. Some forms of malware can be installed from simply visiting an infected website.

Just being a user of Microsoft products makes you a prime target for malware. Outlook, Outlook Express, the Internet Explorer browser and Windows itself are known for having numerous security vulnerabilities, enabling malicious coders to penetrate a victim's system and infect it with viruses, worms or spyware. Unfortunately, catching an infection is much easier than eradicating it, as some variations have the ability to propagate, spread the infection to other computers and claim complete control of your system.


Although viruses are one of the most common forms, not all anti-virus programs will remove malware. There are, however, all-in-one internet security suites that claim to fight all types of infections. Aside from an anti-virus application, a genuine malware tool is the best way to detect and eliminate the wide range of threats this type of infection presents. These programs having a better chance of detecting harmful programs your virus scanner may have missed.

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  • Staff

Combining Malwarebytes with any decent AV is what we recommend . We are fantastic at a lot of things but there are some areas that AV software is better and that is where MBAM and AV software complement each other .

The general consensus in the security community to never have all of your eggs in one basket as one failure means total failure . A layered approach is the way to go . Personally I would recommend MABM with NOD32 , Avira or Avast and then some sort of data backup routine (either manual or automatic) . Add on top of that a limited account for web surfing and guest usage and with very little expense you will be well covered .

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