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IP Block at Bleepingcomputer


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Only posting here versus making a new post just to say this -

just writing to say that I got an IP block as well, and the rest of the page seemed to load just fine. I can provide the IP if needed ;)

Prior to checking, I had JUST updated my Mbam - @ 3137 here :(

It could be an advertisement causing the IP block, though, just mentioning this in case other people who got a block didn't think of this.

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Not blocked for me as of a few moments ago (on Def 3137); instead I get a "webpage cannot be found" browser message.

EDIT: I've just run a quick scan - clean. however I've lost the right-click function on MBAM's system tray icon. Don't know why. It may be that MBAM has been trying to block that IP and either has failed (ie unable to) or has done so silently. Bit concerned that I can't call up the icon menu. Am going to uninstall MBAM, reboot and then reinstall and see what happens then.

I'll report back when I've done so. ;)

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Uninstalled and reinstalled twice using the mbam-clean.exe utility.

Completed a full Avast! scan just in case - nothing found.

The bleepingcomputer site is still not being blocked for me; I can still access it. The really odd thing is that it's after accessing that site that the right-click menu on MBAM's systray icon disappears never to be seen again. Anybody else having or had this weird experience recently with this site?

EDIT: at 13.57, tues 10th Nov 09, GMT

Can still access the site. Affiliate taken down / removed by bleepingcomputer? Anyway the right-click disappearing menu phenomenon still occurs except that it returns to normal after a reboot and remains functional so long as you don't go to that site!

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No, it is still there, and i may have found something. It happens in all topics where "Amazing Andrew" have posted?

Not for me it isn't. No IP blocking is occurring for me. One of his links gives a standard browser "page can't be found" error otherwise all his links are clickable and readable.

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well it is happening to me on all of these IP Block


And MBAM is updated to 3140

In the middel of Amazing Adrews post there is a signatur (become a BlepingComputer fan......) there is a flag over it, this does not show when IP block is on, just an red X

if i click on it IE8 opens a new window and i get a new IP Block (hxxp://www.boredomsoft.org/articles/?p=5) and page is blocked

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I don't doubt you at all, Pondus. It's just that my experience is different. If I sounded a bit sharp to you I apologise - not meant :), Pondus.

i'm getting something strange from that IP and that is that MBAM's right-click menu is totally disabled every time I go to the hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com site and only returns following a reboot. I've never come across this before with MBAM. It happens to me on the homepage (ie before entering the forum).

Strangely I find all the links in the forum you mentioned entirely clickable and I've no idea why. :)

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