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Does MWB Premium Mac detect windows malware so it's not passed on?

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Hi, you have no idea how impossible it has been to find an answer to this question via google search. Even entering the phrase "Does Malwarebytes on mac detect windows viruses" brings results that don't address that topic at all.

So I gave up and am writing here.

The reason I asked - since I moved to Kaspersky, I now no longer user MWB on any of my PC. I wanted to use it in offline mode as a second opinion scanner but even in that case Kaspersky won't shut up about an incompatible app being installed, so I removed it as I hate being annoyed like that. Otherwise I am currently very happy with my AV solution.

My sister (who lives next door to me, we have 2 units of the three in the development) uses a mac for work with important stuff and had no malware protection at all, so for me it was a no brainer to install MWB for her and use my license. She's currently the only authorised machine out of 3 seats I have, so I presume that's perfectly OK. If not, let me know, but regardless, will MWB protect her from passing on windows viruses to others she communicates with, as some other mac AV programs do?

Thanks so much in advance!

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14 hours ago, Porthos said:

The simple answer is no it does not. The Windows version does not detect Mac malware either.


Oh I don't know of any windows AV that detects MAC malware, but I did expect it to the other way around. Can't say I am not disappointed, but thanks for the honest answer. It makes it more or less useless for her then, as she's the only one with a mac but working within Microsoft office and sharing files all the time, so.

What a shame. All the others boast that feature on their homepage, which is why I wasn't sure with MWB but was secretly hoping for the best. I have 3 seats with KAS, maybe giving her one of those is better in her case.


Anyway, using Kaspersky now and it's the happiest I have ever been with an AV, finally, so won't be around these parts much if at all. If MWB ever adds an integrated firewall and webcam/mic monitor, I'll look at it again in a couple years when my Kas license expires. I still have I believe 1 year 9 months on my MWB/MWB privacy license. I just wish Kas didn't make such a fuss about it so I could use it to scan for PUPs now and then. Oh well.


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In all honesty, Mac users passing on Windows malware to others is something that really doesn't happen much in the real world. You're far better off worrying about protecting the "receiving end" and not so much the sender. If you're protecting the Windows endpoints adequately, you're not going to have to worry about the mostly mythological Mac user sending malware to them. You face far bigger threats from Windows users whose machines you're not in control of.

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