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False Positive Reprt : www.waterskiworld.com


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Hello  ((AGAIN)),

www.waterskiworld be being blocked AGAIN- We believe this is a false positive. See attached image.


Our website was compromised back in Aug & Sept 2022. It was resolved and extra measures have been implimented to ensure this doesn't happen and the website remains secure.


Seems to be only blocked on the Browser Guard - I have MalwareBytes Premium and did NOT get any block, only when I installed the Browser Guard as a Chrome extention did I replicate the block our customers are seeing and calling us about


Please UNBLOCK www.waterskiworld.com  or  advise if you feel there is an issue.


Thanlk you much,

Tom OConnor
Principle, IT support
Water Ski World



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Im still getting the same block screen.


I deleted the Malwarebytes browser guard, cleared the cache, reinstalled the malwarebytes browser guard, and tried the website again. Got the same block screen (see image 1). Notice the date and time of the run on the screenshot image.

All I do to get the extension is to download the extention, install it, and it's part of my google chrome extensions. Is there a place there to update from the database. (see Image 2)

Please advise

Thank you much,

Tom OConnor



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