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My website is being blocked for some reason.

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My website I run on a DigitalOcean Droplet is being marked by Malwarebytes web protection as malware. We have run security checks on all domains and the server as a whole and no issues are present. https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/url also shows everything as all clean for the URL. The IP itself had some reports from over 4 weeks ago (I got this Digital Ocean Droplet less than 21 days ago though. It is a clean box with uwf on it. It has ssh with ssh rsa token only - no password. All I am running is a Flash python web app I created myself, and am running on a Gunicorn server, with Nginx to redirect HTTP to HTTPS to enforce a secure protocol - I have an SSL Cert associated with my domain (randydowling.com - please use the domain, as that's how the cert is set up, not with ip specific).

I hope this information helps make it clear that this should be a safe and secure box through a reputable organization such as DigitalOcean. I can add you to the GitHub repos for the code that I have written for my website that is running if that would help anything. I have also added a couple of screenshots and logs to show what Malwarebytes shows.

Please let me know what I can do to get my website to not be blocked. It is just a personal resume website. I did not previously have Malwarebytes so I did not know this was even an issue because without it, every browser has had no problem with it.



MalwareBytesLog.txt MalwareBytesLog2.txt

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1 hour ago, 1PW said:
For staffers:




Yup so for those links: that’s what I meant for “The IP itself had some reports from over 4 weeks ago (I got this Digital Ocean Droplet less than 21 days ago though.”

  • idk who Digital Ocean had the ip on before, but I bought it around August 6th a couple weeks ago, and there have been no reports since I have owned the IP address. If you look at the virus total for the domain it’s green across the board too. 

I also created a “Webmaster” account on Abuse IP Database explaining all that over there as well (if you look on the side I clicked the button below “Is this your IP? You may request to takedown any associated reports. We will attempt to verify your ownership.”

I’m hoping they will reply soon and get it off the list now that I own it and reports have completely stopped and have not appeared at all during the time I have owned the IP and am just doing legit Web hosting with my flask app for a personal portfolio website

I know this was a bit long winded, I would just love some help getting my website to be easily viewable to people. Thank you for your time. 
hopefully if the Admins or Staffers on here have any questions or help they could please comment or use my account information to reach out on email or phone. Thank you again!

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