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Looking for free entertainment


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17 minutes ago, NewTricks said:

Does that mean you don't have to sign in or you sign in as "Guest" or you name your container as Guest.


Looks to require some type of logon for me. But to be fair I believe that probably almost all sites will require you have some type of an account, even if it's free


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The 12 Best Free Movie Websites (That Are Legal and Safe)

Below are the links culled from the Howtogeek site above to make it easier to locate the links


Pluto TV

Amazon Freevee



The Roku Channel




Plex (seems to allow streaming without login account)

Shout TV



Links from other searches I found

Fawesome.tv (requires app install - reviews not too good)


Moving Image Archive

Open Culture

Popcornflix (seems to allow streaming without login account)

Sling TV (seems to allow streaming without login account)

Xumo Play (seems to allow streaming without login account)

Yidio (has free content but have to locate which ones are free)

Top Documentary Films



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21 hours ago, NewTricks said:

YouTube. Can you watch recent or even old TV if you put up with ads every 7 minutes (or less)? All I know is I keep dismissing the free trial whenever it comes up. Looking for free entertainment.

At least on a Desktop with Malwarebytes Browser Guard and Ublock Origin, at least for me now, (Youtube is working on blocking ad blockers) I have no Ad's.

The same with Tubi.

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Thank you @Porthos, I saw @brad03 say the same about uBlock. so the question here is: when it doesn't play ads, does it just stream seamlessly?

When I watch on my phone or Chromebook and sites detect ad blockers, that happens is a black screen with a message, yadda, yadda, disable your ad blocker HERE- and that lasts for the preset duration, sometimes as long as 3 minutes. That's only minimally better than being bombarded with "whatever."

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I can appreciate that. Looking at other posts to see the router you prefer (TP-Link AC1750) I would also imagine you have an excellent monitor. Kinda sorry I went with the 24" when I was told the 27 was derigeur. I hope whatever chair you're using has lots of mileage left on it.

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I prefer FiOS and paid movie channels.  I have a Win10/64 PC connected to the TV (Philips pseudo-Smart TV) and I link my FiOS account to the web sites of said movie channels and other channels.  Thus I can stream what I want, when I want.   Some things like the History Channel have commercials.  Not a real problem but its on a large TV screen.

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20 hours ago, Porthos said:

it was purchased on Christmas Eve 2018 when my old one died

Looks like a good choice but bad timing. We can't control when our equipment fails us. Did Amazon come through with a short delivery time? How do you feel about the glut of happy holiday fare during that season?

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11 minutes ago, NewTricks said:

Do tell, what is a pseudo-smart TV?

It is rated as a Smart-TV but can't properly use a Mouse and Keyboard, the Browser is slower than a snail, their App system is not well adopted and many 3rd parties have stopped support and new ones have not been added, no system Firmware updates, the user interface for browsing LAN hosted content is poor and the Audio controls are extremely limited as well as it's output capability to use them. 

There are many points of contention and are technical and hard to enumerate.  The mere fact that it is not a Keyboard and Mouse capable system alone makes it a pseudo-smart TV.

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