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IP False Positive


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I can't comment on your site as you've not told me what your sites domain name is. Never the less, it's not websites that are being blacklisted, it's IP's.

Unfortunately in this case, theres a plethora of malicious sites, which is why it's blocked.


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  • 3 years later...

No problem.

I'd actually suggest moving away from OVH as there's quite a bit of malicious activity across several of their ranges.

Hum, what for a strange answer ...

and do you know what: it's the same since a few days,

we love MBAM, but now, we are very boring to have to contact you every year or nearly ...

Thank you to do something quickly.

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I do not enjoy this anymore than you do, but I am not prepared to put our users systems at risk. Unless OVH actually responds to the emails I've sent, and does something about the incidents, I can not unblock the IP.

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May be you should accept that your gun shoots everybodyeverywhere, it's not very responsable to use it.

If you can't protect for a distinct danger, don't blast everything around.

I really think MBAM is our best friend, but for that problem precisely, i can't see any change for 4 years now, and i can't follow you in that point of view that's préférable to kill 999 innocents to shoot a coupable.

So, i'm sorry to be in a such mood, il appreciate MBAM for a long time, i keep on put it on my incontournables, and i keep on thank your team for all, but ...

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