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BSOD after Malwarebytes reboot

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I have been using Malwarebytes as my primary malware removal program for the last two years or so. I recently ran a scan on a computer I was fixing. It found a bunch of items, and I removed them as usual. It asked me to reboot, which I did ... now I get BSOD. I tried Safe Mode ... still BSOD. my guess is that on reboot it is trying load itself to finish removing whatever it had to remove on reboot, and thus causing the crash. Any ideas? Its Windows XP Media Center. I also tried "Last Known Good Config". Any help is appreciated.

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searched for a few hours on the net for a solution - but still nothing found...

Server should work tomorrow morning :)

What is locked by malwarebytes on reboot???

I can boot with ERD Commander and so on - see all partitions and files... - but windows can not boot...

Error is 0xFC --> everyone talk about DEP and drivers... but thats not the failure...

Installed malwarebytes, say ok to reboot...

And it was just a little reader_s.exe which has been removed....

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Please see this thread:


If this does not help, please post again in the PC Help forum giving as much detail as possible about the problem. For example: Details of your operating system, BSOD error codes, details of other antivirus/antimalware software installed on your computer, etc. Also, if possible, use a BartPE disk to obtain the last MBAM log before the problem started.

At the moment, if using a BartPE disk, do not copy any files on to another computer except for the MBAM log text file. This is to prevent possible infection of that computer by any patching viruses that may be present.

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