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Urgent - Security Training domains blocked by MB products


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Dear Malwarebytes team, 
This is regarding Malwarebytes products blocking our CyberSecurity Simulation and Training domains. we would like you to add them to your allow-list. 
Currently some of our domains are blocked by your products see example image attached.


The full list of domains can be sent to you directly once replied.

The domains and pages hosted on them are part of IRONSCALES customers’ Email Security Training Campaigns, powered by IRONSCALES Anti Phishing Training & Simulation product. The sites aren't malicious or phishing, they are used just for training of employees and sent only in internal email system, not publicly. Because of their similarity to real phishing sites we believe Malwarebytes mistakenly classifies them as phishing or other negative category and blocks our customers from accessing them, which is very bad for our customers and to us business wise. 
To be clear, there are no phishing resources on these domains/websites and any click on the page will lead you to an IRONSCALES Security Training page and educate the user to avoid real phishing attacks, therefore strengthening the security of the organization and the online world as a whole. you can learn more details about our product here: https://ironscales.com/solutions/threat-assessment/phishing-training/

Let me know if you would like us to provide any more information, proof of domain ownership or any other resources. we would appreciate any help on this at the earliest as this has big business impact on us.

Thank you for your help, 
Moshe Naot 
Director, R&D 

mnaot at  ironscales dot com


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