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Everything okay with my computer? Worried about discord sign out.


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I just wanted to make a topic here because I got paranoid over discord logging me out last week, and I instantly thought that it was a token stealer, though it could’ve been because the session there was inactive, and I didn’t find out until I checked my sessions on another device.

I haven’t used the computer since then, and I was reluctant to update anything if something is wrong.

These are logs I took last week when it happened:


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  • Badran changed the title to Everything okay with my computer? Worried about discord sign out.

I’ve had the computer off, due to auto updates, and I know you’re not supposed to update anything when you post logs.

Another thing I found out recently, is that I forgot the password to my local account (I use a pin to sign in) and I have no way to update the actual password as far as I can tell, because when I click “forgot password” on the sign in screen, a window will appear which says “no drive” and that I need a USB drive to change the password, due to some sort of password protection.

I don’t know why it’s like that. It could be related to the fact that when I set up windows again in November last year, I signed in with a Microsoft account (I thought you had to) but after I set it up, I immediately switched to a local account.

All of this has just sort of added to my stress since the weekend

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When I’m able to go back on the computer, and update it, I’m going to have a look through my hard drive and delete my old PDF’s that I have.A lot of them are personal documents, school projects, etc which are backed up, but I’m sort of paranoid about them, like what if they got infected or whatever, since they were taken from my old computer, and I get worried about if that was ever infected.

I heard that scanners won’t scan files that are too large, and if I can recall correctly, the file size of some of my school projects could get pretty large.

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I’d like to know if it’s okay for me to boot up my PC, and update the software in my system?

I haven’t had it on since the 30th, and I recently got a response from support about a problem I was having, so I’ll have to check if the issue is resolved soon.

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I’m curious if anyone here has used the built in administrator account for any helping purposes (poor wording here)

Recently, I got help resetting my password for my local account, as I had forgotten it and had no way to reset it. I had to enable the administrator account, and access the account control settings through the control panel. After that was done, we disabled the administrator account.

I guess my only worry, is that when you first use the account, windows bombards you with preferences to set up, and I’ve also got an administrator folder in my users folder now.

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