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False Positive with mebeam?


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Maybe I am missing something but


Is blocked.

I know it is backed to a small degree by HiDef and Skype to replace the multi-video side of conferencing. I have had no issues with the site or its advertisers. I researched it on the web and have only found a single issue in which the server was upwardly hacked and pictures were posted, but then almost no public server is without risk.

I was wondering after seeing the amount of False Positve IDs wouldn't be easier to maintain by creating an exceptions capability like DynDNS, McAfee & PeerGuardian have? That way also responsibility resides with the operator that added the exception. Of course this leaves the exception list to be hacked by yet a third program, but that is no different than the ability to turn off IP Protection.

Meh, just a thought.

Keep up the good work, your program has save many a friends computer from a fresh rebuild. That is why I went ahead and purchased to show support. I hope all of the users who have received benefit follow suit.

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