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hello, i dont know if this is malware but my laptop have errors

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My laptop have quite errors, i have been here before and now is trying to just boot from usb to try fixing it.

i tried to just go to bios on my alptop but i just cant choose the usb boot.



i have already followed the right step to prepare what to put in the usb

and i checked if the usb is bootable on my pc with mobalive cd. it works and these screenshot is the result.


whats show is in orders. firs it shows all that texts, then windows logo then just blank black. it means it works right?


but on my laptop it just doesnt show anything at all, nothing not even a  window pops up. and after a while from the mobalivecd it shows something similar to failed attempts as i can try toboot again.



please help.

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (2).png

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