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Your payment has been recieved (scam)?


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Yesterday i rejected the last day offer for premium account plus 3 more Malwarebytes aplications.

Today i recieved an email with title Malware , spywear removal . Your payment has been recieved.

I moved the email to spam but accidedly opened it and it had the samje offer . I did not press any link or gave any cards numbers.

Does this message came from Malwarbytes or its a cloned scam page?

Do i have a problem of a potential infaction only by opening the email?


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12 minutes ago, Porthos said:

@Antonios Is this the email offer?


It looked like this but i deleted to fast to catch all the details. The one you post apeared when i runed a PC check with my free Malwarebytes. Does the email title is comon from Malwarebytes (Malware, spyware removal).

Plus i did not sent any payment details and that alarmed me. If i remember well the message saidf about free apps but - not quite sure- it said 3 (in the email).

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3 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Without the email, it is hard to give you a definitive answer. Is it still in the trash folder?

Unfortunatly I deleted it. Is there a risk to got infected simply by opening the email without pressing a link?

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Just now, Porthos said:

Should not be an issue.

Thank you for you support. I runed the most recent version of free Malwarebyrtes (unfrorthunatly after 63 months of unemployment even such low prices and offers must be rejected_ and it found no threats. Thank you again.


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