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Recent hullabaloo about the zero-day exploit

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Good morning! Long time user, though my first time posting on the Mac side of the forums.

With the recent issues that took a while to patch and potentially had issues already being exploited in the wild of the Interwebs, I wanted to know if Malwarebytes (which I've been actively running for years) would have detected any evil forces that tried to use the exploit to install themselves onto my otherwise updated Ventura system (i.e., Keyloggers and such). I don't really have a sense of how the Mac side of scanning works (I am set to do daily scans and have never detected anything), and I haven't seen any functional issues with my system, but the options for scanning on the Mac seem far less complicated than on the PC. As you may guess, I am far less Mac savvy than PC savvy.

Thanks, in advance, for your input!

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It's impossible to say. Nobody knows (outside of Apple, and Apple hasn't shared details) exactly what was done with such vulnerabilities. Most likely, the exploits were the work of a nation-state-level attacker, and often they've got tools that they know would not be detected. The good news, of course, is that few people would be targets of such attacks.

Our EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) product should, we would hope, flag suspicious behavior, but that is a business offering, meant for companies with a security team capable of interpreting the information it provides, and not something usable by consumers.

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