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Malwarebytes won't scan, shuts down within 3 seconds. Desktop doesn't show.

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I was gonna just bump my old one, but I couldn't find it. Anyways, malwarebytes wouldn't run, it would just scan for 3 seconds, then shut down. So I tried using ccleaner thinking that something was up with the registry, so scanned for issues in the registry, and it found some so I deleted them. Than, my desktop dissapeared. The only way I can run programs is through the task manager, which is what I am currently doing. I also am getting redirects from links in google. And I got this virus from some microsoft point generator I foolishly downloaded called Titan Generator. Help is really appreciated, I have had this virus for almost a week now and I know I can't remove it on my own, so please, someone help me remove this virus and get my desktop back.

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Hello and welcome to Malwarebytes.

I Apologize for the late response.

If you still require assistance, we would like to see the latest state of your system. So, please post a New Hijackthis log. In your reply, I would also like to know any symptoms you may still have and how your computer is running at the moment.

Take a read in this thread on instructions on how to post a Hijackthis log and other further instructions:


Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don

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